How Much Does the Average Teacher Earn?

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Depending on where the average teacher lives, he or she may make as little as 40,000 a year; sometimes this number is even lower, depending on where the teacher chooses to work. Keep reading to learn more about the salary that a teacher is paid, compared to how many hours that they work.

Many parents feel like teachers earn too much, considering the fact that they get summers off. However, this simply is not true; teachers not only have to be at school from early in the morning until late afternoon, but they also often (more…)

5 Tips on Choosing Which School to Student Teach

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Will you be finishing up your formal education to become a teacher in the near future and are looking for a school in which to student teach in order to gain experience before you begin your official career? If so, then you may be wondering how to find the best school at which to student teach.

First of all, consider the specific grade that you would like to teach during your career and look for schools that have openings for that specific grade. From there, you should also take the time to find a (more…)

Advantages of Becoming a Kindergarten Teacher

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If you are undecided about your future career path, you should consider becoming a kindergarten teacher if you truly love children. This is an especially good job for those who are raising families of their own because work hours coincide with school hours. Becoming a kindergarten teacher also provides many people with a deep sense of emotional satisfaction.

In parts of the country where a traditional scholastic calendar is still applied, you’ll be able to have summers off with your family if you work as a kindergarten teacher. If (more…)

10 Things Every Teacher Should Have in the Classroom

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There are 10 things every teacher should have in the classroom.

They should have a pointer to be able to show the class exactly what they are talking about without being in the line of sight of their students.

They should have a box of tissues to aid the students in cold and flu season.

They should have extra sharpened pencils on hand in case a student forgets theirs or time is not allowed to sharpen the students.

They should have a white board to write their lessons on for the students to see. (more…)

Continuing Education Requirements to be a Teacher

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Teaching is a rewarding job for most educators. Each teacher has their own style of instruction. Some students may find that certain teachers are easier to understand. Teachers use many different techniques to help students understand lessons. Teachers may create posters or graphs to help with a clearer understanding. Teacher may also use a projector or a computer to provide more details. There are teachers for different grade levels and different subjects for middle and high schools. A teacher’s job is to see that students from many different backgrounds succeed.

Becoming a Teacher

There are (more…)

10 Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Classroom

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The first day of class is stressful when you’re a student, but it is much more so when you are a teacher! Here are ten simple ways to feel prepared for the classroom:

1. Make your classroom your space. Laminate a few posters, bring in a few framed photos for your desk. It will give you confidence.
2. Talk with your school media specialist to find out what technology the school already owns.
3. Talk to your department. Most teachers are eager to share ideas and lesson plans. Don’t waste time doing work someone else has already done.
4. Study (more…)

Tips on Handling Disruptive Students in the Classroom

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No matter how engaging a teacher is, it is likely that they may encounter a disruptive student in their career. It is important to be both proactive and appropriately reactive around classroom disruptions.

Effective proactivity includes outlining classroom expectations and becoming acquainted with students’ interests, goals and challenges. Listing and displaying classroom expectations is important to creating an environment of respect and learning. Allowing students to contribute to the list makes them feel invested and simultaneously enforces the behavioral norms. It is key that the expectations also have related consequences, and the expectations and consequences should be (more…)

How Much Schooling is Required to Become a Teacher?

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Every state has specific requirements for teacher certification; at the very minimum, you will need a bachelor’s degree for a provisional certificate. Schools of Education offer programs that lead directly to teacher certification by combining content area classes with coursework in pedagogy.

Some states offer alternative paths to certification that allow you to apply a bachelor’s degree in a subject area towards certification requirements. For example, if you hold a (more…)

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